Swingers Blog

Unfortunately I haven’t received any comments since I made my first Swingers Blog post. I’m certain that there are plenty of people out there just like myself, it’s just a matter of them finding my blog. Then I’m sure people will start posting stories. In the mean time I’d like to write about a Swingers Party that I recently attended. I was looking around on various websites to see if there were any events going on nearby that I might be able to attend. To my surprise there was four or five setup for the weekend. I must say I was pretty nervous about attending, but all my nervousness went out the window when I spotted a long time coworker and friend at the event! They were just as surprised to see me there but I’m glad that I finally have a fellow swinger that I can talk to. If you have been considering attending a party yourself I highly suggest going, you never know who you might run into! Check back soon for my next Swingers Blog update.


Thanks for checking out my new blog that is all about Swingers. I made this blog because I am new to the community and while being a swinger greatly interest me, I’m new at this and talking about it with my normal friends just seems like it would be uncomfortable. I figured by creating this blog I could use it as a place to get advice and talk to other people who might be willing to┬ádivulge their Swinger Confessions. If you yourself have any stories I would love to hear them, feel free to leave a comment on my post so we can chat! Thanks and stay tuned for more Swinger updates.